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Vile Creatures


Vile Creatures is a book on the Natural History of Scoundrels which is currently open for Pre-Orders through Kickstarter. We've worked really hard to make this book as beautiful as we possibly can. Below are a few FAQ's if you're coming from Kickstarter!


What Giclee Prints are available through the kickstarter?

I backed a print(s), how do I tell you which ones I want?

Once the kickstarter finishes on 10th July I will send all of the people who've pledged for prints a survey, you can fill out which ones you want then, as well as give us your postage details

I requested a commission of my own Vile Creature, how is this organised?

Once the kickstarter finishes on 10th July i'll send you an email so we can start the process, the size of the commission is no bigger than 12" x 16" in watercolour in the style of the existing Vile Creatures Paintings. Initially you would make suggestions to me and I do a preparatory sketch, you can make some changes to this before a final sketch is produced and then we proceed to the final painting.


A poem will be created to go with your painting, we can't guarantee you will find it pleasant, the muse is fickle.

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