Works in Progress for KochXBos - Or learning how to pivot

Here we are in January, Plague Island, 2021. A mere 3 weeks ago it was 'safe for schools' to go back, parents who assumed they'd be able to work again are trying to balance cooking, cleaning, homeschooling and working all at once. I'm a single parent myself, which meant I took the news with a shot of brandy.

My plan for the show at KochXBos was a series of detailed oil paintings, I had 3 under way but they take an insane amount of time. There's no option for fluffing the details. You can't 'speed up'.

I realised pretty swiftly that I wasn't going to be able to complete the task in time without a breakdown. It's important, especially these days to recognise your limits and work within them. So I had a night of trying to figure out what the hell I can do, and decided to work with watercolours. Go back to where I began, the animal kingdom and its dazzling furs and inky faces.

The series is called 'Vile Creatures', every one of them a bad egg in some respect. I have a vague hope to be able to produce a small printed edition of books, but time may not be kind.

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