Degenerates Pamphlet
  • Degenerates Pamphlet

    A5 pamphlet detailing each of the works from my 2020 show 'Degenerates' with poetry by Angharad Jefferson. The cover is hand printed in gold on teal card. Edition of 100


    "It seems to be your destiny

    To be subjugated to women.

    Your salvation came from the Maiden.

    Your death will come from the Whore."


    Madam du Barry, the whore depicted in this anonymous revolutionary poem, was the subject, along with her mistress Marie Antoinette of sex propaganda. Explicit fantasies used as a form of political pornography.


    Largely the words and images were designed to transmit the inept political aptitude of the King. A thin allusion. If he could not satisfy or control the women in his life, he was not fit to manage the political affairs of France.


    Barry and Antoinette lost their heads, not because of the slurs distributed to the masses in pamphlets, but because their bodies represented monarchical genealogy. A brutal extinction of bodies who had the potential to produce continued royal succession. Severing the lineage of absolutist rule.


    The poems are written in the tradition of those distributed during the Reign of Terror.